Questions On Installing 26" Bent Springer Fork On A Beach Cruiser


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Jul 7, 2015
Hi, I have a 26" beach cruiser and really wanted to turn it into a lowrider that an adult could ride.

At the moment im in the process of assessing it for a bent springer fork and was wondering if anyone knew how much of a drop the bent twisted springer fork impacts on the bike(if any) as at the moment i have 4 inches of clearance with my pedals and wanted to make sure

Hoping to turn this into a lowrider with 15" - 19" ape bars, 34"- 42" sissy bar, 144 spoke wheels, bent springer twisted forks , banana seat, mirrors, twisted accessories ect

Has anyone converted a 26" beach cruiser into an adult size lowrider and what hurdles did you come across in your conversion?
I really have no advice for you on your project but I just wanted to let you know that the fact that the front fender on your beach cruiser being mounted backwards is making my OCD twitch like mad. I wouldn't be able to ride the bike knowing that the fender is on backwards. LOL

The chrome fender stays are supposed to be behind the bike's fork and the curled lip of the fender is supposed to be at the rear bottom of the wheel, not at the top front.
yeah, unless that's some new style trend your front fender is backward.

do you know anyone with a bent springer on their bike? i'd borrow it for a quick ride to see if you really want one. i prefer a regular springer myself.
I'm doing this very same thing. I went with 24" wheels but haven't found a good set of bent springer forks as of yet. I'm thinking I'll also need to go with a smaller crank to minimize petal strikes.
Its not worth it. No matter what you do the bike will be so uncomfortable to ride you will start to hate it right away, if you're lucky it will become nothing more than a show bike. Oh, and you will never...EVER! get back what you put into it. So my advice is don't do it.
The geometry of such a setup is not pretty, an Abrams tank is easier to steer and I've been in one on a parade route!

If you really want to give the grandson a springer ride he can handle then I would suggest finding a 22-24" and even if that means a Western Flyer (or Rollfast, or Murray)

The Schwinn middleweight is one of those wonderful designs that simply looks right, works right and is built right. If it weren't it wouldn't have a 76 year track record (the first ones showed up around 1938 or '39 to my knowledge) They are light, the curves lend strength and grace to it and it's geared to be fast.

And it takes a fat guy (240 lbs+) like me without complaints! My Rollfast had to be CROSSBRACED at the crank tube (Okay, I'm still not scientific but it's almost 1 am) for that kind of strength.