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  1. Making Money - This Really Works

    Keep in mind that everything stated below is 100% legal as stated by
    the U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161). A little while back, I was
    browsing through newsgroups, just like you are now, and came across an
    article similar to this that said you could make thousands of pounds
    within weeks with only an initial investment of $6.00! : Anyway it said
    that you have to send $1.00 to each of the following names on the list,
    stated at the end of this article using Paypal. You don't have to be
    preferred or verified to transfer and receive money, so you lose no
    money through transfers. Now honestly, what is six pounds, especially
    out of a Paypal account. In exchange you will make thousands in the
    first few months. You then place your own name and email address in the
    bottom of the list at #6, and post the article in at least 200
    newsgroups. (There are thousands of newsgroups) No catch, that was it.
    So after thinking it over, and talking to a few people first, I thought
    about trying it. I sent out my measly $6.00 to the six people on the
    list. Well GUESS WHAT!!... Within 7 days, I started: getting $$$$$ in
    my account! I was shocked! I figured it would end soon, but the CASH
    just kept coming in. In my first week, I made about $25.00. By the end
    of the second week I had made a total of over $1,000.00! In the third
    week I had over $15,060.00 and it's still growing. This is now my
    fourth week and I have made a total of just over $26,000.00 and it's
    still coming in rapidly. It's certainly worth $6.00 and 6 minutes to
    send it out. This program WORKS, all you have to do is try it, and
    waste some pocket change. You could find six dollars lying around the
    house. There is absolutely nothing you could lose. Just follow the 3
    basic steps below to make thousands in just a few days, weeks, or
    months, it all depends on how many posts of this letter you put in
    message boards or send as emails.

    Here's how it works:

    When you post 200 messages all over the internet, it is estimated that
    at least 15 people will respond and send you a $1.00. ($15.00) Those 15
    will Post 200 Posts each and 225 people send you $1.00 ($225.00) Those
    225 people Post 200 Posts each and 3,375 people send you $1.00
    ($3,375.00) Those 3,375 post 200 posts each and 759,375 people send you
    $1.00 ($759,375.00) At this point your name drops off the list, but so
    far you have received $813,615.00. Note: I'm not saying this is going
    to make everyone 800 grand, but lets say even 1 person out of 200 tries
    this program, you are still going to make 50,000 dollars anywhere from
    1 month to 6 months max!!!!! You can also copy this letter and email it
    to some of your friends and associates, it's a guarantee that some of
    them will be interested and give it a go. The more that do the more you


    1. Immediately send $1.00 to each of the six people on the list using
    Paypal, and in the comment (Subject) section type "Please add me to
    your list". Below are the emails that you transfer the money into:

    Paypal accounts to send 1 Dollar to :

    #1) [email protected]
    #2) [email protected]
    #3) [email protected]
    #4) [email protected]
    #5) [email protected]
    #6) [email protected]

    2. After sending the money to the first 6 people on the list, you can
    remove the name next to the #1 on the list and move the rest of the
    names up one position (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, etc?) Then place
    your name in the #6 position. Then save it.

    3. When you have completed the instructions, take this letter and then
    go to (Google, Yahoo,...) and type in (Making Money Message board,
    Money Message Board, Money Forum, Free money Forum, or anything along
    those lines that are forums) and start posting your copy of this
    message at least 200 times, to as many unique message boards as you
    can, or more. The more times you post this at a unique board, the more
    money you will make. You can email your message to as many people you
    can but remember, the more you post and email the more money you make!
    Keep a copy of this letter so you can use it a second time. Post it out
    again in six months, but Post it with the addresses you receive with
    each pound. It will work better the second time. Estimates are at
    20,000 to 50,000 new users, every day, with thousands of those joining
    the actual Internet. Remember, play FAIRLY and HONESTLY and this will
    work. If you don't have a paypal account you can copy the link below
    and follow the instructions. It's totally secure, costs you nothing
    to set-up and is a very useful way of transferring and more importantly
    receiving money. You will be amazed every time you check your account
    to see how much money has been paid into it, and this money goes
    straight in without any deductions.

    To sign up for Paypal follow this link, just make sure that you use the
    same email address for your paypall account that you put in this list,
    that's how your payments are made.


    4. This program remains successful because of the honesty and integrity
    of the participants. Please continue its success by carefully adhering
    to the instructions. In this business your product is not solid and
    tangible, it¹s a service. You are in the business of developing
    Mailing Lists. Many large corporations are happy to pay big bucks for
    quality lists. However, the money made from the mailing lists is
    secondary to the income which is made from people like you and me
    asking to be included in that list.

    5. This is perfectly legal! If you have any doubts, refer to #####le 18
    Sec. 1302 & 1241 of the Postal Lottery laws. Keep a copy of these steps
    for yourself and, whenever you need money, you can use it again and
    again. This is the biggest growing internet money making program on the
    net, you will see that as you post your letter to the message boards,
    but that just proves how successful it really is.

    6. Good luck, don't forget to follow the instructions correctly and
    spend the money wisely.