QUICK OPINION, PLEASE, on final question about bike buying. I hope. If you had $700 to $1,000 to


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Oct 4, 2010
[COLOR= #0000ff]Good morning to all my friendly, SUPER helpful buddies on here.[/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]After weeks of pestering you with "What's your opinion on this bike," and "Do you think this bike would work for me," and weeks of reading your great suggestions and links on components and brands, etc., I think maybe there's one more question I should ask before I settle down and actually pry some greenbacks out of Frugal Hubby's hands.[/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]If you had $700 to $1000 or so to spend, and wanted a comfortable bike for everyday use plus 2-3 very easy credit-card tours on mostly level terrain each year, what would you buy? [/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]The bike should meet these criteria:[/COLOR]
[COLOR= #0000ff]1) It has to be able to support a considerable amount of weight; like the weight of an NFL linebacker who at least is losing a couple pounds a week riding his bike. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/redface.gif[/COLOR]
[COLOR= #0000ff]2) I'm also tall and long-legged. REI fitters said I need a 19" frame -- hard to find in women's bikes, but that's what I need.[/COLOR]
[COLOR= #0000ff]3) [/COLOR][COLOR= #0000ff] It must have 700c tires at least 28 wide.[/COLOR]
[COLOR= #0000ff]4) Please keep in mind that it will never be used for racing or mountain biking, so super speeds and the ability to climb steep hills aren't nearly as important as comfort and dependability. Really! Because if I ever start to morph into Lance Armstrong or develop a craving to climb the Alps on a bike, I'll buy a different one at that point. [/COLOR]
[COLOR= #0000ff]5) If it doesn't have internal gear hubs or handlebars that permit an upright riding position (because of a previously broken back), those will probably be changed out at some point. But we will do that for the right bike -- or not, if the bike turns out to be great without those changes. [/COLOR]
[COLOR= #0000ff]6) If after you bought the bike you would change certain components in it, please let me know that too.[/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you for your help so far. Once I actually get this bike bought, I will stop pestering you with what-bike-to-buy questions, and start pestering you with how-can-I-be-a-better-biker questions, lol... but there should be fewer of them, because I should be spending a lot more time actually out RIDING the thing! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif[/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]I can't wait to see what y'all would buy![/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]Happy pedaling![/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]Sierra[/COLOR]

FRAME Sizes 14(XS), 16(S), 18(M) Colors Black/White Frame ALUXX-Grade Aluminum Fork RST SOFI 'T' Suspension, 63mm Travel Shock N/A COMPONENTS Handlebar Alloy, Mid Rise Stem Alloy, Adjustable Seatpost Alloy Suspension, 30.9 Saddle Giant Comfort Groove Plus, Women's Pedals Nylon/Kraton Comfort Platform DRIVETRAIN Shifters Shimano SL-M310, Rapid Fire Front Derailleur Shimano M191 Rear Derailleur Shimano Altus Brakes Alloy, Direct-Pull Brake Levers Alloy, Comfort Cassette SRAM PG820 11x32, 8-Speed Chain KMC Z72 Crankset Shimano M171, 28/38/48 Bottom Bracket Shimano Cartridge WHEELS Rims Alloy, Double Wall Hubs Alloy, 32h w/ QR Spokes Stainless Steel Tires Giant P-X3 700x35, 60TPI Multi-Surface OTHER
Cypress DX W Price is about $500 use the rest off the money to buy gear (helmet,bike computer, bike bag and lights) You don't need to spend more than this.

You can also look at these bikes:

Specialized Crossroad
Trek 7300 WSD
Cannondale Adventure Woman's 3 (if you buy the cannondale make sure they sell you the one with 700c wheels and not 26inch).

Bike fit is the single most important part of all of this. Bikes like shoes fit people very differently so you wouldn't buy a shoe without trying it out and you shouldn't bike a bike without riding it.Test ride all these bikes and pick the one that fits you best.
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[COLOR= #0000ff]Hi, Jagon![/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]That Cypress is a gorgeous bike, exactly the type of thing I think is really pretty. (And I assume the components are good too, lol.) It IS part of my problem, being so new to biking that I don't have any idea what nice bikes are out there, so seeing these was great. [/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]I have revised my post since you replied (sorry), realizing that I hadn't put in what size bike I need. REI says I need a 19" frame. I see that this one comes in an 18". I know I need to test-ride it (and will, as soon as I can find it). But in general, if the seat post is adjustable, does an inch of difference in the frame matter, or can adjusting the seat up or down make up for that? Because part of the trouble I've been having is finding a woman's bike in a 19". I know I wouldn't HAVE to have a woman's bike, but at my age and being such a new biker, the step-through is really handy. [/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]Thanks again for the response; I'm looking up the other bikes as we speak. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif[/COLOR]

[COLOR= #0000ff]Sierra[/COLOR]
The Specialized Crosstrail is a nice solid bike. I have since put 32mm slicks on to roll a little better on the road. Also put some crank brothers pedals on. Still under $500 dollars. I have since bought a road bike and now my wife enjoys the Crosstrail.
I would visit a bike shop and have them professionally fit you. like I said in my post a 18 in giant maybe the same size as a 19/20 from another manufacturer get out there and test ride some bikes. The components on the Cypress will meet your needs. If you go to http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-US/ you can find a local reseller.