Quick question/help with fresh wheel build and radial run-out.


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Sep 19, 2014
Hello all I need a little help with my wheel build. I just finished building and truing my new set of wheels. ( Rhyno Lite XL rims with Sun Ringle Super Stock hubs and Halo Aura black spokes) I have both wheels pretty much perfectly Tru both Radially and Laterally. But one section is giving me problems on both wheels right where the welded joint is. The welded joint section jets out radially about .5 to 1mm on both rims and I can't pull it in. Is it normal for most rims to do that at the Joint and should I even worry about it?
Some rims bow out at the joint, some dip in. Some are darn near perfect. If you're riding off-road, donsider the smoothness of your intended riding surface. If the dip/peak in your rim is a lot smaller than the regular variations of your riding surface, don't worry about it.
Ya Mr Sheldon Brown him self said that the joint in any rim is irregular and as long as the whole rim is within 1 mm of the joint irregularity it won't even be noticeable once the tire is mounted. Which last night both of my rims are all within .5 mm of the joint irregularty so it won't even be noticeable. Now i'm just going to buy my self tensiometer and get all the spokes to the proper tension and finish the job and I should have myself a good strong wheelset.

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