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  1. Quit smoking and wounds heal better

    The Times of India
    Sunday, July 27, 2003

    New York (Reuters) - Quitting smoking for as little as 4
    weeks can dramatically reduce the odds of wound infection
    after surgery, according to a report.

    Dr Lars Tue Sorensen and colleagues from Bispebjerg
    University Hospital in Copenhagen, studied the healing of
    small incisions in 78 volunteers.

    Wounds became infected in 12 per cent of smokers,
    significantly more than the 2 per cent of never-smokers.

    In addition, wounds broke open in 12 per cent of smokers,
    while no ruptures were seen among never-smokers.

    After 4 weeks, abstinent smokers were significantly less
    likely to develop a wound infection than continuous

    Just 4 weeks of abstinence from smoking "reduces wound
    infections to a level similar to never-smokers,"
    Sorensen's team concludes.

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