Qunitana Roo Trueno or Klein Aura V?



I'm trying to choose between a Quintana Roo Trueno (entry level tri bike) or a Klein Aura V road
bike that I would add aero bars to. Either bike will be a big improvement over the bike I'm
replacing (20+ yr old Fuji with a steel frame).

Most (if not all) of my riding will be alone. I have never riden with aero bars so I don't now how
comfortable I'll be in that position for my rides (anywhere from 1-3 hours, 2-3 times/week). I enter
a few tri's each year, mostly sprint distance.

I can get the Trueno for about $950, while the Klein will cost be about $1225 after adding
aero bars.

Any advice on what will help me decide?