Rabobank confirm Renshaw signing

Discussion in 'Professional Cycling' started by swampy1970, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Good news for Renshaw. I know he's said once or twice during the past 18 months that he'd like a bit of personal glory for himself and with Goss getting in the thick of the action and the new kid, Degenkolb, on HTC getting a bunch of wins in the Dauphine you could just sense the frustration at times...

    ... however that last comment by Bos somewhat clouds the thought that Renshaw will be a start sprinter on the team or lead out guy part two, to someone who packs a great sprint.

    It'll be interesting to see how that situation settles as Bos has the sprint legs and Renshaw has the experience and on the road brains to get up the front.

    What will this mean for Cav? Personally, I don't think it'll mean that much. Sure, Renshaw is an ace leadout guy and had the trust of Mark to get him to where he needed to be but during Cav's second tour, that netted four wins, Renshaw was Hushvods leadout guy and two years later following Renshaws disqualification Cav still netted three wins as many sprint stages.

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    I think it will lead to fewer wins for Cav, but as you point out, he's shown that he has the ability to get to where he needs to be to win without Renshaw. With Renshaw leading out Cav, it was almost like HTC was cheating.