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Rasmussen talks to the press
25-7-2007 | Other news
In yesterday's press conference in Pau, on 14:00 hrs (CET) Michael Rasmussen
clarified the situation related to the official warnings he received from
the UCI. The yellow jersey rider also stated that he does not use illicit

'I made a mistake,' admitted Rasmussen. 'The UCI gave me a warning and I
accepted it."

The Danish cyclist receives hard critics for failing to notify the
anti-doping authority, twice, on to his whereabouts. He received 'recorded
warnings' from the UCI for his negligence on both times. 'By the third
warning, the case will be sent to his national bond who will take the proper
measures. Based on the regulations this means three months suspension," said
Rasmussen lawyer, Harro Knijff who came to France under the Rabo Cycling
team's request to clarify the legal aspects of Rasmussen's situation.

Sitting between the Dane and Rabo team director Theo de Rooij, Knijff stated
"My conclusion is that, legally, there is no reason for Rasmussen to not
participate in the Tour in the first place or to leave this competition."

Rasmussen regrets that the warnings to his address were 'leaked' to the
press, "I am sorry the situation is coming out now when I am wearing the
yellow jersey, and it's harming the sport that I dearly love."

Theo de Rooij added: "There are a number of cyclist in the Tour that also
received warnings. You don't hear anything about them."


Are bankers so stupid they back a cyclist with such questionable activities
(missing doping tests)? Or they didn't know this info?! Didn't come up in
graduate finance classes.

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