Race bike holiday in South Africa


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Dec 28, 2002
I'm looking for a challenging trip (on a race bike) and season-preparation in South-Africa. I have a good physical condition (I cycle 10.000km per year, I do things like la Marmotte in France (a cycling race of 175km in the Alps, 4 heavy cols to climb), I run a marathon in 3u20, and participate in 1/4 triathlons.<br /><br /><br />I am looking for an area in South- Africa where I can get well prepared for the season in Europe and - instead of training in Lanzarotte or Mallorca - at the same time combine this with some sightseeing in South-Africa.. Is there any trip/organization you could recommend me? (eg in Europe there is Rompelberg in Mallorca<br /><br />Does anybody knows about organizations who do organize this type of trainings sessions for advanced cyclists? Is being a traveller on your own a problem? The ideal would be to be part of an international group of advanced (but no pro's neither) cyclists who train in the area of Stellenbosch.<br /><br />Serge<br /><br />