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So, I "quickly" had to pop in at work to get something and now I can't tear myself away from the internet :D

Apart from doing some surfing I just entered the "Race for Victory" which takes place in October. Heard some stories that it's a tough race...it so true? Is anyone else doing this?

I can confirm that it is a tough race. However, some of the toughness had to do with the time of the year the race took place - Early winter. Last year at the start the mercury was below zero and there was rain. To cap it you had a murderous climb midway into the race as well as a long drag to the finish. Thankfully, it has been moved to a warmer time in the year. Tough race but then we are suckers for punishment aren't we?
Now I can confirm that this is a tough race ... specifically the part where you go through the Suikerbosrand nature reserve. The major &quot;hill&quot; there is very steep and makes you miss Ou Kaapse weg. I was really tempted to get off my bike but I didn't. Also, every time you think you near the top the road makes a turn and there's more :p Luckily the downhill on the other side was really sweet.<br /><br />Anyway, I really ejoyed the race and will do i again next year. Did anybody else do this race?
I also did it and loved it. I only decided to enter last week Friday and had to pay the R30 penalty fee and was placed in the last group that only started at 08:00. But it was fine. Our bunch were real &quot;professional&quot; and the ride to the entrance of the reserve was very fast. It proberbly helped that we were 8 club members together.<br /><br />When we entered the reserve I lost everybody and had to climb by myself. Once finished with both hills, it was time to go home. I lead a small group and managed to pick up more as we went along. One thing that pee'd me off was that nobody else wanted to do the work and as soon as I slowed down for someone else to take over, the whole bunch slowed down. I managed to take us home with a average of just under 30 km/h.<br /><br />I'm pleased with my time, the route, the marshaling and that Ronel kicked butt again. Will deffinately do it again next year.
[quote author=Mampara link=board=15;threadid=781;start=#21632 date=1034603302]. One thing that pee'd me off was that nobody else wanted to do the work and as soon as I slowed down for someone else to take over, the whole bunch slowed down. [/quote]<br /><br />I have found this so often in races. If I can I go out in front and do my share, if no-one else wants to help then I just fall back into the bunch and let them pull me.
Just some thing about south african racing you guys are always going on the good time you did in your race. Let me know other wise but is this not a race. Placing is the most important here whats your placing? Why did you not attack them if they where not helping you?
Works abit different over her, Nic. Only the pro's josstle for position and prize money. The rest of us just ride, either for a good time over the distance or, well, just to ride. It's almost like the TdF. You have the guys out front in a position to win the race which do all the racing and attacking, and the rest of the "peloton" just wanting to finish the race as close as possible to the winners time.
hmm i prefer our grading system that way you can enjoy winning and progress without being a pro yet. do you like your system?
The size of our races might make a position based system pretty meaningless. Who wants to know they came 4000'th? At the same time we do have a seeding system in the country which is worked out based on your percentage of the winners time, so it is possible to compare like that. I think its just a little tough keeping motivated with beating people as every time you attack one group all that happens is that you latch onto the back of another one. In the end you lose track of something like position and just try keep your average up and total time down. Ha, and all this from me having done one race so far... Please ignore all above
I think the major difference between races in SA and races in OZ are the number of entrants. A race with 1000 participants is considered relatively "small" in SA. Whereas in OZ I have come to believe that if 10 cyclists show up for a local race, then it's major.
You are 100% right VO2. I am very happy with my time of 3:33:43 and average of 29.7km/h taking in acount the terrain. I tried for 30km/h ave and would have had it if I had any help. I saw that I was placed 400th, according to the time, but that does not bother me. I will never win and I take these races as a personal triumph. I'm now working towards a sub 3:30 for the 94.7 (it will be my first, actually it will be everybody's first since they changed the route).
Strikes me that you're already on sub 3h30 pace for 94.7 Mamp, if you're averaging nearly 30 in a reasonably similar race I should think that a sub 3h30 should be easily do-able. Is the 94.7 really that hard?
Hey Mampara, <br /><br />Unless the route is flat, if the people in the pack don't do their share, then be malicious. (If you are the strongest rider in the group that is.) Increase the pace over a few km, then back off and recover yourself. Then increase the pace again.<br /><br />The surging will certainly break those lazy spirits.<br /><br />Alternatively, you can sit in the bunch for a while and attack them on the climbs. ;D ;D

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