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    Iowa Couple Marries During Bicycle Race

    IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) -- An old-fashioned wedding it was not - no wedding dress, no walk down the
    aisle, no champagne - just a couple of bike enthusiasts taking their marriage vows in cycling gear
    and helmets.

    Andrea Mugge rode on a tandem bike with her father down a pedestrian path on the University of Iowa
    campus. She met the groom, Lee Venteicher, under an arch made of bicycle tires.

    "I've never been conventional," Mugge said. "I can't stand wearing dresses, so this was perfect."

    Along with vows to be lovers, companions and friends, the couple promised to be each other's "water
    carrier" and "healer of road rash."

    Rick Paulos, who has been a bicycle race official for 23 years, performed the ceremony during the
    26th Annual Old Capitol Criterium & Chris Lillig Memorial Cup on Sunday. The event included eight
    bicycle races.

    Mugge 26, a medical student at the university, participated in the Women's Open race before the
    ceremony and Venteicher raced in the Pro 1 & 2 race between the ceremony and reception.

    During their reception at a pizza parlor, Mugge, and Venteicher, 26, a graduate student in
    philosophy, raised glasses of Gatorade to toast their union.

    "This isn't one of your traditional weddings," Mugge said

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