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Jan 12, 2003
im a serious athelete and have competed in many running events but due to a recent injury i have had to cut back on my running and have taken up cycling.im under 18 which may be helpful when replying to this post also. because of the dark nights through the winter i brought a cycling machine to train on, usually only on average 20min a day on the machine and then doing some serious bike rides at weekends.i am just wondering what sort of times i should be doing on a exercise bike for say 10k if i want to compete?any rough guide would be most appreciated.<br /><br />added information in response to reply to the message-<br />i dont know if this helps but the machine is a tunturi e3 and i have the resistance on 20 at the moment. i am looking to get into road racing.
Sadly there is no answer to your question. As the only refference you give is that you ride a machine and so its not possible to determin what the resitance is on your machine.<br />Whats also important what kind of races are you referring to road, road on circuit or TT's? And which country are you from as level of racing is very different in different countries<br />

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