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Feb 27, 2007
Hi I am getting a new bike soon, a p2 carbon. I race triathlons and its a perfect fir for me. Next summer I plan on doing time trails and I would like to learn more about race wheels. I have looked and looked. My biggest question is what kind of difference will the hed stinger 50 be with the hed stinger 60. I know the rim is deeper, but is there a point when the weight has more neg impact than how deep the rim is. also at what depth does wind start making it difficult to handle? thanks alout for any help or websites posted!
Almost always, aero is a bigger part of the equation than weight. 60mm is going to be faster than 50 mm almost always unless we are talking about a hill climb, then it might be close. I read somewhere back in 2004 when the tour had the TT up Alpe d'Huez that anything over 12.5 mph or so aero was more important than weight. Shoot, if all you are using the wheels for is tri's look at something sickly aero like the Blackwell 100's or 808's. I might lean towards 808's in clincher form because good clinchers are way faster than good tubulars with regards to rolling resistance.
Recently got a Cervelo P3c and put Zip 606's on it. Great wheels......

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