Racing bike identification

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Dec 23, 2018
Can anyone help me, please?

I'm trying to correctly identify my bike that I bought about 5 years ago, because a couple of days ago, some unkindly person stole my bike pump that was a matching silver/chrome finish and fitted into the space in front of the seat post/bottom bracket tube; then I hope to be able to find a replacement somewhere....

I've got high and low resolution .jpg pictures of the bike and can e-mail them to anyone kindly willing to help me out.
It is hugely unlikely that the pump was a special for your bike.
Measure the distance between the mounting points, then do a search for ”bicycle frame pump” and shop away.
Is this an older bike? Sounds like a Silca pump. Not sure they are around anymore, but they made chrome frame pumps back in the day. If you had an Italian racing bike, like a Colnago, you had to have a Silca pump to go with it.