Racing in North America

Dunners Dan

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Jul 25, 2006
I am basing myself in North America for several more months with the purpose of racing hard and gaining valuable experience. I am from New Zealand and represented my country at the World Deaf Cycling Championships in June 2006 held at San Franscisco. I just competed in the BC Superweek which was a highly competitive series of racing with professionals and other top riders from all over. I will be living in Seattle for about 2 months as my North American base and hopefully can find some more good racing in this area. I have a website that you might be interested in reading. I regularly post my race reports and photos. Check it out:

If you have any suggestions for riding or racing in the Washingston State area, please let me know. cheers!
Hi! Welcome to Seattle. A good place to find out about local racing is

you'll also find a lot of racing down in Oregon - about a 4-6 hour drive depending on where you are going.

If you are coming here soon our racing season is pretty much winding down right now for road racing, but there are a few circuit races and several good hillclimbs left. I'm not into mt biking or cyclocross, but there's a pretty active race scene for both of those here too.

With your pedigree you may be able to find a temporary training group amoung one of our local men's teams. You might see if any of them might be interested in an "exchange cyclist".
some of the more elite focused teams (there are lots of other local teams too)

hope that you enjoy Seattle - the cycing community around here is great! I'm a first year cat 4 Woman myself and I've been having a blast.