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    Hi everyone I'm looking at investing a set of medium profile clincher aero racing wheels. I race mostly on flatish/rolling courses (no mountains, longest hills 2km). I'm not wanting to spend a fortune max $USD 1,800. I have been having a look around and the below list are the ones I have been looking at. I would be interested in people's experence's with any of these wheels or suggestions they have.

    I currently ride Simano RS80 C25 wheels and like them so was leaning towards the WH-7900-C50-CL or WH-RS80-C50 both are heavier wheel sets but I have heard they don't feel heavy when riding on them, do people argee with this? If this is the case would you spend double the money to get the dura-ace wheels or just get the RS80's?

    [SIZE= small]SHIMANO Dura-Ace WH-7900-C50-CL[/SIZE] [SIZE= medium]1,566[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]HED 2011 Jet 6 Clincher Wheelset[/SIZE] [SIZE= medium]1,955[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]SHIMANO WH-RS80-C50[/SIZE] [SIZE= medium]935[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Token C50A Carbon Clincher Wheels 2011[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]1,076[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Fast Forward F6R Clincher Wheelset[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]1,548[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Fast Forward F6R Neutral Clincher Wheelset[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]1,548[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Reynolds Assault Clincher Road Wheelset[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]1,801[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Fast Forward F6R Neutral Clincher DT 240S Wheelset[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]1,811[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Fast Forward F6R Clincher DT 240s Wheelset[/SIZE]
    [SIZE= medium]1,811[/SIZE] [SIZE= small]Mavic 2012 Cosmic Carbone SL Wheelset[/SIZE] [SIZE= medium]1,473[/SIZE]