Rack and mudguard stays on same bolt

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Ben Mack, Apr 5, 2006.

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    > I've seen frames where the RH mounting point was moved up to make room
    > for a redesigned replacable derailleurhanger. Ofcourse nobody bothered
    > to update the drawing for the lefthand part

    Ah. /That/ makes sense, in a nonsensical kind of way.

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  2. Dave Larrington wrote:

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    >> Ben Mack wrote:
    >> > While I'm on the subject, I discovered that the frame holes are
    >> > about 10mm higher on one side than the other, which tilts the rack
    >> > to one side. A bit annoying, means I have to grind a slot in the
    >> > rack stay.

    >> Is this a frame suitable for mounting a rear disk brake? If so, these
    >> frames are sometimes quite odd-shaped for giving clearing for a rack
    >> and the disk caliper.

    > My Trek 4300 frame is like this, and that's not even disc-compatible!
    > It has got some odd holes on the nearside chainstay/seatstay junction,
    > but they're not spaced to fit any disc brake caliper made of man.

    Might be for some strange stand specific for this frame.

    Günther - just guessing
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    Ben Mack wrote:

    > In article <[email protected]>, M-gineering
    > <[email protected]> writes
    >>I've seen frames where the RH mounting point was moved up to make room
    >>for a redesigned replacable derailleurhanger. Ofcourse nobody bothered
    >>to update the drawing for the lefthand part

    > Mmm, it is the RH one that is higher...

    I have a similar setup with offset holes on my bike. I bought a very sturdy
    Nimrod rack with adjustable legs from the nice Mr Hobbs at the Carmarthen
    LBS that fits both rigidly and level. I can see no reason why it wouldn't
    be able to support a child seat.

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    Ben Mack <[email protected]> writes:

    >Trying to mount a rack (EX1) and full mudguards. There is only one bolt
    >hole on the rear axle carrier (or whatever it's called), so both have to
    >go on the same bolt. The mudguard stays go inside the rack stay
    >(otherwise I have to twist the stays round each other). So I end up with
    >the rack stay cantilevered out on the end of the bolt, because of the
    >mudguard stay thickness. Also I cannot tighten the bolt much 'cos the
    >mudguard stay eyelet starts to open.

    >Is there another way to tackle this?

    Have you tried if there's enough space inside the frame for the mudguard
    So long bolt, from inside out mudguard, frame, rack.

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    Ben Mack wrote:
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    > >Take a long bolt and insert it from the inside of the frame outwards.
    > >Place the rack on the bolt, add washer, add nut, lock tight, place
    > >another washer on top of the nut, add mudguard stays, add washer, add
    > >nut, or indeed at this state I add two nuts. Cut off surplus bolt with
    > >hacksaw and clean with file.

    > I did wonder about that. However if I put the mudguard stay outside the
    > rack stay, I have to twist the mudguard stay around the rack stay, messy
    > and will probably rattle.

    If it's the typical rear mudguard (SKS etc) then try removing one half
    of the mudguard stays - i.e. cut off one leg of the "V" about 10mm past
    the fitting - so that you only have the rearward facing part left. Then
    fit the mudguard stay OVER the rack stay. Use a small washer to stop
    the mudguard stay spreading.