Rack without braze-ons


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Aug 12, 2011
Hi Everyone

I am currently buying my first "real" bike. I am inching towards a cyclocross since it seems to offer the best combination of comfort and other factors. I looking at the the Specialized Tricross, there are mounting points, which I can use to mount a rack - that is important to me since I'll also be using the bike to commute to work. it addition that bike has braze-ons for mounting fenders, which seem like a good idea during the wet weather.

However, if I dropped my requirement of mounting points, there are a lot more bikes I could chose from. Is there another way to mount a bike rack, if the bike does not come with braze-ons? I know they sell something that attaches to the seat post - but that seems flimsy. Or is it? Any advice?

Thanks for reading.
The seat post mounted racks are good if you aren't planning on carrying a lot of weight on them. I have carried a little over 20 lbs with my little old Topeak rack. I don't think that I would want to go with much more weight than that though. And I would not use a seat post mounted rack with a CF seat post.