Rain cover for on-the-hitch-mounted-rack use??

Paul Hays <[email protected]> wrote:

>On Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:26:27 -0700, Neil Brooks wrote
>(in article <[email protected]>):
>> I've never read anything that leads me to believe that eight solid hours of
>> being rained on is good for a bike.

>Have you read anything that leads you to believe that eight solid hours of
>being rained on is *bad* for a bike? ( Especially a touring bike, which by
>definition is likely to be ridden in inclement weather.)
>I wouldn't worry to much about it- a gently hosing off of road grime &
>lubrication of bits is all you probably need.

Part of the issue is the venerable Marriott and the inevitable
reaction of the helpful employees as they watch me wheel the mud-caked
warrior through their marble foyer.

Then there's the whole "do I clean this thing in the bathtub?" issue,
followed by the "What's that clicking in my hubs/bottom bracket."

Not likely, perhaps, but possible. I've also had a chain rust on me
after only a few hours' soaking on the back of a car. It was bad
enough to require an off-the-bike cleaning and lubing--something I'm
not prepared to do on this trip.

Better safe than sorry, I figure . . . if I can nail down the flapper

Neil Brooks wrote:

> Worst thing is: it's a darned 45mpg hybrid. I just put the receiver
> on it today. This will be the first time I've put bikes on the
> hitch-mounted rack. I'm gonna' lose an mpg or two in the process :-(

On the highway at 75 I bet you lose 10mpg or more.


P.S. I wish I had a prius. They look cooooollll... and I'd love trying
to eek every last mgg out of it.
"Neil Brooks" wrote: (clip) I've also had a chain rust on me after only a
few hours' soaking on the back of a car. (clip)
Thatis a concern. Two possible solutions: 1.) Take the chain off before
you load and wrap the bike 2.) Leave the chain on, but rub grease all over
it so water can't get in.
"Neil Brooks" wrote: Praised be Tullio . . . all the forecasts have changed
overnight. (clip)
Your grandmother must be really happy. She gets to ride inside now.
I would still consider making a sail to increase your gas mileage. *Hehehe*