Raleigh cycle archive - Brooklands



Just spent a fascinating, and somewhat moving afternoon at the Raleigh cycle
archive at Brooklands. It really has some superb exhibits tracing the
history of this most respected of cycle manufacturers. Having loved all my
Raleigh cycles over the years I felt desperately sad at the way things have
turned out for them. They have built some incredible bicycles over the
years and often it seems moved the market in innovative and new directions
(Chopper, RSW) or designed cycles ahead of their time (Grifter) not to
mention their record of building fine lightweights at the Specialist bicycle
development unit at Ilkeston and in Nottingham. Their record as the steed
of champions seemed unassailable.

I'd strongly recommend a visit if you can get to Surrey/Weybridge. The
museum alsho houses a fascinating collection of motor cars and aviation
exhibits for those so inclined and has an excellent tea room!

Anybody know what happened to the Ilkeston SBDU? Is it still a cycle