Raleigh Sc200 dx (2005) vs Specialized crossroads elite (2006)


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Jul 7, 2006
Raleigh Sc200 dx (2005) vs Specialized crossroads elite (2006)

I have been considering to buy a bike in the last couple months. I haven't been on a bike since i was a kid. I am 6ft 250 lbs (burly). I want a bike for recreation and fitness. There are two bike shops near my place. One with variety of brands, selling the Raleigh Sc200 dx (2005) for $369. I was impressed with the disc brakes since I am a big guy and feel these have better power. I had a rough time extracting information from the salesperson/ owner, he didn't seem too forthcoming or in a selling mood. The second shop only sells the Specialized brand. The salesperson/ owner was very informative and helpful with my questions. He pointed me to the Specialized crossroads elite $ 500, which has brake pads. After spending some time I was impressed with that bike aswell.

Which is the better bike overall?
Which has the better components?
Brake pads vs Disc Brakes?
What is the best hybrid/comfort bike
between $500-$1000

Note: Will be attaching a Burley solo trailer