Randomness in a Non Random Environment

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  1. Someone was saying that randomness was a big part of
    molecular biology. I responded that it may be less than we
    think because these random changes must happen in a non
    random environment. Specifically a temperature range that
    only allows for chemistry at that temperature.

    Let's go further with 2 examples.

    Let's say you have a beaker that heats up from 50 C for 5
    hours, then lowers for 5. And repeats endlessly. There may
    be random molecular changes, but they will be within the
    chemistry of that temperature range.

    And the variants from say the fluctuating temp on the edge
    of a star, would be random too, but they too would not
    exceed the reasonable bounds of the chemistry of temperature
    in that range.

    Thus random changes must exist within the non random
    chemistry boundaries of that environment. So there is
    randomness - but it is far from open ended randomness. It
    has strict boundaries in that randomness.