RANS V2 "Tweener" Handlebar mod

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Steve Christens

When I recently ordered a custom RANS V2 I was a bit concerned that I might not be able to easily
reach the handlebars with the new open cockpit setup. So I special ordered it with the B-33 long
riser and the B-37 double bent wide bars, to extend the reach.

After I got the bike I loved the ride, but the bars were indeed so short that I couldn't recline the
seat very much. So I ordered one of the older style risers from RANS that extended much further
back. The downside to this riser (used on 2002 and 2001 V2s, and still used on the Stratus) is that
it adds a fair amount of "tiller" to the steering.

When I got the riser I decided to try mounting the B-37 double bent wide bar on it in place of the
handle bar normally used with that riser (which is fairly short and only slightly curved). The
combination of long riser and B-37 is essentially a RANS "tweener" setup, sort of like a Bachetta,
with the grips out to the side and almost vertical. The reach is very comfortable, and more relaxed
than the "superman" position, with your upper arm mostly at your side.

The downside is the greater amount of tiller, which mostly affects low speed turns and starts. But
that seems a small price to pay for the greater comfort of the grip and reach.

Anyone with the old riser (an older style V2, or any Stratus) might enjoy this setup. The B-37 bar
itself is only $20, but you will need to replace the cables and housings, which might add another
$10 or so. (Remember you only need to buy two new cables, as the old rear brake and shift cable can
be used in front. And you'll need a few feet of brake and shift housing.)

Steve Christensen Midland, MI
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