Rasmussen unable start Vuelta A España - Vinokourov eligible


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Aug 12, 2001
It seems Rasmussen can't find a team, not surprising really.

Why do you think Vinokourov is is listed as a reserve rider? escape scrutiny during the lead up? no doubt he'll be given a last minute start ;)

cyclingnews.com said:
Rasmussen unable to race Vuelta a España, Vino eligible

Denmark's Michael Rasmussen had planned to make his ProTour comeback in the Vuelta a España next week, but has been told he is ineligible because he failed to register with a team that will racing. However, Alexander Vinokourov is eligible and listed as a reserve with team Astana.

Rasmussen complained the Vuelta organiser Unipublic sent him a letter saying he was ineligible to race. It cited a International Cycling Union (UCI) rule that riders must be registered with a qualified team at least 20 days before a race starts


Feb 16, 2005
It would be very interesting to discuss this situation... Vino can race in Vuelta because he has a spot in the team created just because of him and for him, while Rasmussen can't find the team which would provide him a place in Vuelta, although Vino's sins look worse. Politics.
It's a pity that Rasmussen can't race. After two years it would be very interesting to see what he can do on these climbs against Spaniards. And, on the other hand, it's not such gain having Vino in the race (I think).
I'd say: it's bigger loss for the race not having Rasmussen in it, than it's gain having Vino.