raven distance?

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    saw on csi or (chi) kung fu guy would win. t.v. saturday or sunday

    A Raven (crow) out from her nest a day.
    n-1 (60)×2(30). this is were I need to learn.
    2nd person said.
    at 30 ration×2 vector comma or something is 60 mile circle.
    times x something factor pie. lol

    H.S that is I think. lol in 70 yes.

    lol that is a circle of 280 square miles.........

    point is this.360°
    280 miles= 30×2 (60) from nest.
    140 miles=15 miles a day=15×2 (30) .
    70 miles=7½ a day=(15)

    this is some big turf to hunt for 10¢ cans and trash.
    Lets say for point of. search...(hs)
    at 15 miles a day× 7 days (week)
    is 140 sq miles or 105 a week
    5460 a year.

    I well ride on every mile 39 times.
    365 days ÷39=9.3589743
    39 times ÷ 7 days=
    My point is:
    so out of near every 40 days
    one should see the raven 5.5 times.
    Lets break the math down here:
    now in ¼
    40/5 (¼)
    20/2½ (¼)
    10/1¼ (¼)
    in standard 4×6hrs =24 hours. (day)
    ×6 hours=6 (¼)=2½ days

    10/¼ (¼)
    ×6 miles=5 (¼)= 5¼ mile radius.×
    =10½ miles n-1 (circle) of 360° or 365 days. a line thru is
    lol this is were I need to learn...lol
    hs I think..... hs =high school education in 1970 es.
    so if one was to see the raven.
    every 2¼ days in a 5¼ mile .
    unless at nest......

    need to re learn........
    standard. not in metric or arabic,
    think edger allens poem put it best .
    The Raven
    just a thought.

    To avoid
    or to search out.
    That is the ?........