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    You keep claiming Kim Clement is a "prophet" that your deity
    speaks to WRT future events. Yet in the predictions you
    cited, the man you claim is a conduit of God's messages is
    nothing of the sort. His vague, inaccurate guesses fall far
    short of being prophecy & when it becomes apparent that his
    predictions are little more than wishful thinking, his
    backpedaling is obvious. True prophets don't have to amend
    their predictions, waffle about vague time frames, or depend
    upon far-fetched "interpretations" of their prophecies.

    It seems that Clement is a prolific non-prophet. He makes
    many predictions which he attributes to "the Spirit"
    communicating with him. "The Spirit" he credits for his
    prophetic abilities is apparently pretty poor at foretelling
    the future, as evidenced by Clement's guesses that are no
    more accurate in their content than those of most palm
    readers, fortune tellers, & fortune cookies.

    Examining Kim's supposedly "Spirit"-inspired soothsaying is
    like taking a stroll into the fiberboard cubicle of a
    telephone psychic at work. In addition to the two examples
    of Clement's erroneous "prophecies" you've already cited,
    let's take a quick peek at another:

    God wants us to go to the back streets. He wants to have a
    cure for AIDS. He said it's going to be by the year 2002,
    there's going to be a cure for AIDS.

    they don't. You deserve to die, but Jesus died for you 2000
    years ago. I don't think anybody deserves to die. There's
    gonna be a cure and there's gonna be a Christian that is a
    scientist that's gonna come across a discovery.

    An announcement was just made the other day by Sharon Stone
    after I made the announcement nationally that there was
    going to be a cure for AIDS in the year 2002. She said "In
    my lifetime [unintelligible] and the doctors, we don't see a
    cure for AIDS." That's called a prognosis. It's called a
    prognostication. The prophets hate any prognosis that defies
    what God has given them to say. (Praise the Lord,

    It's 2004 -- where is the cure for AIDS, the fulfillment of
    what Clement said God had given him to say*? It seems that
    Ms. Stone may have been more inspired than your fortune
    teller was, eh?

    So how does this guy view his prophetic misses? Clement is
    rather nonchalant WRT his track record of missing the mark &
    had this to say about his false prophecies:

    In an interview on TBN he responded, "You can be a wrong
    prophet and not be a false prophet, somebody can make a
    mistake with doctrine......"

    "A wrong prophet"????? So when someone is prophesizing --
    bringing people what God has given him/her to tell -- it
    "could be wrong"?? How could that possibly happen, RB?
    Either the message your Higher Power gives a prophet is true
    or it's false. A wrong non-prophet like Kim Clement isn't
    giving the world accurate, true predictions -- & that makes
    him a false prophet.

    Another warning in the Bible is that false prophets tell
    people what they want to hear. Clement consistently delivers
    predictions of U.S. triumphs, as if America was righteous
    just for being America. While such a strategy is a real
    crowd pleaser, it doesn't make the feel-good fortune teller
    a messenger for "the Spirit", God, Allah, or any other
    spiritual power.

    You've been taken in by a transparent scam, RB.