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    How much do you weigh? What's your inseam? I weigh 195 and routinely
    rode my ultra-weak steel-rimmed Coker wheel off curbs and hopped up
    curbs. I finally tacoed it hopping stairs but it (almost) sprung back
    to shape. My point here is that any decent 26" or 29" wheel is going to
    take a curb drop even for a big boy. Cranks and axles don't like too
    much abuse and are probably a weaker link.

    Cracking a "quality" frame is quite a trick as there is usually very
    little lateral force on the frame itself. It's mostly compressive. It
    must have been garbage to start with or you landed something very

    Ten mile jaunts on a 26" wheel sound cumbersome to me. A rugged, 29"
    MUni seems excessively heavy to me. You have to decide how to
    compromise if you only want one unicycle. Your 80% road riding leans
    heavily toward the 29er in my opinion.


    -Greg Harper

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