Re: 29 versus 26 inch (sic) MTB tire comparison

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  1. The original graph on his website shows quite a bit of scatter in the
    data, and only a few points. So I wouldn't accept this as a definitive
    study on whether or not a 29 inch wheel is faster.

    The bikes are also very different. The Salsa is a soft-tail and the
    Fuel is full suspension. Perhaps a full suspension bike actually
    consumes slightly less energy. Or the aerodynamics of the rider's
    position on the bike could also have accounted for the difference.

    Must be great to have so many bikes, so many gadgets, and so much time.

  2. Ted

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    He also did the first five laps on the fuel, and then got on the 29er.
    So nutrition could play a role as well.
    Too many variables to be conclusive. A neat idea, but proves nothing.