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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Dave Larrington, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. davek wrote:

    [Bus BLEAN]

    Bendy buses are a Work of Stan and should be smashed in and done away with
    at the earliest opportunity, while their drivers should be hit repeatedly
    with shovels until they've learned how to drive the sodding things. Those
    who fail in this simple task should of course, be shot and burned, and their
    ashes distributed in Edmonton, on live TV, pour encourager les autres

    > This has cheered me up slightly:
    > <url:>
    > What I want to know is: does the stoker pedal forwards or backwards?

    Having spent quite a while drafting that very beastie on the Plains 400 last
    month, I can state categorically that Linda pedals, from her point of view,
    forwards. The timing chain is inna-figure-of-eight-stylee. Apparently they
    are having tyre troubles which, if they're still running Stelvios on the
    front wheels, is not a surprise...

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