Re: a bunnyhop saved my life

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Mark Thompson, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. > I'm coming up Gloucester Place, doing around 18-20mph, riding well away
    > from the kerb (ie in the primary position), the idiot must have seen me
    > because he pulled across into the next lane to overtake me. Then
    > halfway through the overtaking manoeuvre, he decides to pull in to the
    > bus stop...

    At least after your words the guy might remember he's driving a bus and not
    a scooter. I've found a friendly word seems to work well.

    'Course, if you were ready for this you'd have bailed out with a scooting
    dismount, carefully shoving the bike under his wheels. A nice roll onto
    the pavement to provide some dramatic effect for witnesses[1] completes it.
    You'll get a shiny new bike out of it and he'll get another black mark for
    yet another accident.

    [1] or if there are none quickly dive under the now stationary bus with
    your legs sticking out to scare the driver.