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    Johnny Judas Jay "ass-troll-oger" Maharaj wrote:

    > Chung, although a Chinese, is a self-confessesd Xtian missionary
    > who may be harming people behind closed doors.

    The norm is for jyotishits to be harming people behind closed doors. Are
    you afraid of the competition, Johnny boya?

    > He already exhibits
    > abusive behavior publicly. Does anyone know if he comes in contact
    > with children -- especially boys? If so, parents beware!

    It has been demonstrated that when jyotishits come in contact with
    children, the children always suffer:

    Horoscope prediction pushes girl to
    commit suicide

    The Times of India News Service

    HUBLI: A 22-year-old girl, Ranjani, resident of
    Channabasaweshwarnagar in Dharwad, committed suicide
    by consuming poison. The incident occurred around 2.00
    pm and 7.45 pm on Saturday, when the victim was alone at
    her house. She took the extreme step when she heard
    predictions from an astrologer, who examined her
    horoscope, that she had no yoga for marriage and that she
    would never get married. Her father Mr Devendra Shivappa
    Kalasagouder, aged 51 years, has reported the incident to
    the Dharwad sub-urban police. Police have registered a
    case and are investigating.