Re: Advantages of Higher and Lower Gears?



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> Jacques Moser wrote:
> > Happy coincidence: look at Luigi's answer in the "toe clips" thread just
> > below.

> Yes, an enjoyable post and thread. There's also a long thread in the UK forum
> from a lady who has just got into spinning, which is what got me started on this
> track.
> I'm well aware of the difference toe straps can make because I have them on my
> exercycle. The higher my cadence, the more I want the straps to fit tightly. I
> find myself constantly moving my left foot back on the pedal so that I'm pushing
> with the ball of the foot. Pedalling in big, fuzzy slippers that make the straps
> fit tighter is more efficient than pedalling in thin ballerinas that leave my
> foot swimming about.
> But I'm not yet confident enough of my balance to put straps on Behemoth. I'm
> still so terrified of falling, and still having trouble with critical maneuvres
> like starts and stops which don't come at all naturally to me. Adding another
> thing to think about would make this worse. However, I certainly plan to
> consider straps if ever I become a real cyclist.
> Ile de France

Of course, by fact of your determination and desire,and sometimes joy?
you are a cyclist now. You might consider a pair of Mt. Zefal toe
cups. They are like short toe clips, with no straps at all and quite
simple to get used to. (Also inexpensive).
They help stabilize the foot on the pedal, which will increase uphill
riding power, and will keep the ball of the foot in the correct
position on your pedal. Use them with any shoe. We are not all
racers in full kit... :)
Best regards, Bernie