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    > I've tooled around London's West End for the past year on a Ridgeback
    > Speed (my first bike) until it got nicked. I've been looking for
    > something new for a couple months now with not much luck. As a student
    > on budget, I'm limited to roughly £250-300, and with locks, mudguards,
    > etc, etc to go on top, so the lower the better.

    > Looking through the old threads in this forum, I read a
    > suggestion that a mountain bike with slick tyres would work well in
    > traffic and would appreciate any further advice.

    That's a bit misleading. A mountain bike with slick tyres is a lot better
    on roads than a mountain bike with knobblies, but if it's got a
    suspension fork you've still got a fair bit of weight and complexity you
    don't need, and frame geometry that's designed for relatively low speeds
    and right manouvering on rough surfaces is not ideal for the relatively
    high speeds and flowing turns of urban traffic.

    An 'urban hybrid' is going to be a lot better than a mountain bike on
    city streets. However, just to muddy the waters, lots of things are sold
    as 'mountain bikes' that aren't.

    As a specific recommendation, look at the Claud Butler Classic. It comes
    with rack and mudguards for around £209, and is very good value indeed
    at that price. Further up the price range I'd suggest you look at the
    Ridgeback Neutron, which comes with epicyclic gears and hub dynamo
    lights (but bizarrely no mudguards) at £449. Epicyclic gears are much
    lower maintenance than the more common derailleurs, and consequently
    very practical on a commuter bike.

    If you're looking at second hand bikes, we wrote a good FAQ article on

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