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    blackbat popped their head over the parapet saw what was going on and
    > Hi all,
    > I know this price range (£220-260) is small fry to you guys and the
    > group is probably plagued by similar questions but I'll ask anyway....
    > I'm 6'3" tall, 14 stone, 45 and am looking to get back into light
    > cycling after a mate lent me an old cheapo mtb. I live in Kent & I
    > have some meadows with gravel paths near my house and want a bike to
    > whizz around them to give me a bit of exercise.
    > Probably will do 2/3 light off-road and 1/3 road.
    > I know you'll probably advise me to try out various models but
    > anything I try is gonna seem better than the piece of junk I've been
    > using, and as I'm tall the demo cycles in the shop tend to be for
    > average height people.
    > Would appreciate any advice on following models, bearing in mind my
    > height. Not decided if front sus is necessary for me.
    > Specialized Hardrock Sport 2004 £249
    > Specialized Hardrock Rigid 2004 £239
    > Trek 4300 2004 £269
    > Trek 3700 £230
    > Claud Butler Ravana 2004 £229
    > Ridgeback Switch Series Cyclone
    > (1.5 tyres, no front sus but available in XL) £269
    > Ridgeback MX35 £249 ( available in large only)
    > My favourites on paper are the Ridgebacks, like the Cyclone but not
    > sure it isn't more oriented to road use.
    > Don't like neon paint jobs at my ripe old age.

    At this price point I would say no suss, would however say
    a road type bike with straight 'bars and non slick tyres (hybrid ?)
    Type of bike I mean is the EBC Contour (£214:95)

    and enter contour in the search box )

    or similar. Would not go for one of the dedicated off road types.
    Certainly not for the type of riding I think you do (light off road
    A 'proper' bike shop will measure you and see what size frame
    you should start with then it is 'simply' a case of trying lots of
    different bikes to see which you find most comfortable, after
    all you are spending what is potentialy a lot of money and you
    will spend a long time on this bike so a couple of days getting
    the right one is well worth it.

    yours S

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