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  1. Because fitic aci is only part of the story and not the specific cause
    that the fungus grows in corn, probably not. Btw, corn was not the camel
    food in question so the question is mute and far fetched, but one would be
    disappointed if this were not so in any case as we have come to expect it.

    >Since the newest in GM crops in the production of 'low phytic acid' ..
    >corn .. and since phytic acid has been shown to be .. THE .. substance
    >.. IN .. corn which stops aflatoxin .. could / would it be a BAD ..
    >idea to BE .. reducing .. phytic acid .. IN .. corn ..?
    >Aust Vet J. 2004 Dec;82(12):759-61. Related Articles, Links
    >Effect of foodstuff contamination by aflatoxin on the one-humped camel
    >(Camelus dromedarius) in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.
    >Osman N, El-Sabban FF, Al Khawli A, Mensah-Brown EP.
    >Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, United Arab Emirates
    >University, PO Box 17666, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.
    >Twenty young female adult one-humped racing camels (Camelus
    >dromedarius) kept in camps scattered outside Al Ain city and aged
    >between 3- and 6-years-old, died after a short clinical illness.
    >Affected camels were dull, inappetant and pyrexic, with submandibular
    >oedema and enlargement of submandibular lymph nodes. Of 100 camels
    >within the camps, 31 showed clinical signs. At necropsy examination,
    >the liver of dead animals appeared yellowish, enlarged, congested and
    >friable. The main hepatic histological findings were centrolobular
    >necrosis, haemorrhages and cellular vacuolation. Aflatoxins were
    >detected in sera, liver, ruminal contents and in feed ingested by
    >affected animals. Sera of symptomatic and recovered camels also showed
    >increased levels of glutamic oxaloacetic transaminases, glutamic
    >pyruvic transaminases, aspartate transaminases, gamma glutamyl
    >transaminases, glucose, urea nitrogen, phosphorus and total iron.
    >Decreased levels of albumin, calcium, cholesterol and triglycerides
    >were also observed. It was probable that aflatoxicosis was responsible
    >for clinical signs and subsequent death of the camels. The need for
    >suitable and appropriate storage conditions of animal feed to prevent
    >fungal growth and aflatoxin contamination is highlighted.
    >PMID: 15648938 [PubMed - in process]
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