Re: After two weeks of strict diet and heavy exercise, I haven'tlost a pound!



Jeannie Sanderson wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a 39 year old woman at 5'1" and 140 lbs. My doctor said I should
> wegh under 100 lbs to be good size with my small stature. I begin to
> eat under 1000 kkal a day Monday 6-13. I use a postal scale to verify
> all quantities, and only water is not recorded. I used a elliptical
> trainer 6 days a week and it reads 250 kkals when I stop. Every other
> day I a;lso have a triner push me on universal machines until I am
> exhaused. About 90 minutes. This seems liek a lot of work and little
> food and I am 140 lbs still. I don't understand.
> Jeannie

Are you smaller?

If your measurements are going down and your weight is staying the same, it
means you're adding lean tissue (muscle, blood) and losing fat.

That said, lotta damn work; you might want to spend less time with heavier weights.