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    Usenet Posting wrote:
    > Ya know, I agree with America's choice on Gordon but I don't think
    > I'll ever forget her rendition of God Bless the Child (or whatever
    > the actual name of the song is).>

    She quite reminded me of a miniture version of Fran Dresher(sp) of the
    old tv show 'The Nanny'. Same annoying voice. Like Simon mentioned,
    either 1/2 the audience thought she was funny & likable or the rest
    thought she was annoying. I went with the annoying half and couldnt
    understand how she even made it into the top twelve when she was always
    flat or off key. They voted right for a change.
    Its going to be a tight runoff to the finish tho because some of the
    guys have really good voices with different styles (Bo, Constantine,
    Scott) to go up against Carrie Underwood, who is of course touted to be
    the best singer of them all and the next American Idol winner.


    *who only started watching AI because it was on before the new tv
    series 'House' which is an excellant show*

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    > Personally Carrie gives off too much of a "pro" quality to me.

    She's a farm girl from out in the middle of nowhere. I see drive
    and confidence.

    > She
    > seems like she is going through the motions and trying to stay safe.

    I hardly think trying Heart's "Alone" is a "stay safe" move. When
    they announced that, I thought "Oh boy. This is gonna be either
    really, really bad or it's gonna kick ass." Man, did she ever kick
    ass :).

    In the beginning, it looked like the guys had the girls beat, hands
    down. But some of the girls have really improved. The ones that
    are left all have a serious shot at it, I think. Even Vonzell, who,
    prior to Tuesday's (and Wednesday's) show, was kind of a non-entity.

    > I like Savol but I think one overweight male AI is enough.

    He's got a great voice. I think he's a good performer, too. I hope
    he does well, but fear he won't. I think his looks will kill him in
    the end.

    > Bo is certainly good but a little too polished.

    Bo's already a professional.

    > Personally what I
    > thought we'd get from Gordon was an intelligent option.


    Really? Wow. She struck me as pretty much a complete air-head.

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