Re: An FDA Shift Could Transform Market for Statins

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    Paul Bennett <[email protected]> wrote:
    >This, in my opinion, is madness...... these drugs (particularly the
    >new ones like Crestor) haven't been tested ENOUGH.... let alone are
    >they safe enough for someone to walk in and purchase without the
    >supervision of a doctor. Then again, if the lobbyists from the
    >pharmaceutical industry can grease enough palms...... I'm sure a deal
    >will get done

    The new ones would not go OTC.

    They have been tested enough for someone who is reasonably
    intelligent and who understands when and when not to use them.
    If anything, it is the physicians who ignore the side effects
    when they occur.

    But unless the laws are changed governing taxes and insurance,
    they may well increase the cost to the individual. I am not
    convinced that they are much worse than Prilosec, which has
    just gone OTC.

    One possibility would be to make them OTC, but not OTS (off
    the shelf).
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