Re: Animal to animal to man / hepatitis

"after eating raw meat of the deer."

Don't eat raw wild game meat, avoid veggies from unknown and/or unhealthy
sources as they are the source of death and illness for thousands each

>Virology. 2004 Dec 20;330(2):501-5. Related Articles, Links
>Complete or near-complete nucleotide sequences of hepatitis E virus genome
>recovered from a wild boar, a deer, and four patients who ate the deer.
>Takahashi K, Kitajima N, Abe N, Mishiro S.
>Department of Medical Sciences, Toshiba General Hospital, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
>140-8522, Japan.
>Zoonosis has been implicated in hepatitis E virus (HEV) transmission. We
>examined wild boar living in a forest of Hyogo prefecture, Japan, and found HEV
>RNA in three of seven boars. A full-genome HEV isolate from one of them was
>revealed to be 99.7% identical to a previous isolate from a wild deer hunted in
>the same forest and to those from four patients who contracted hepatitis E
>after eating raw meat of the deer. These findings suggest an interspecies HEV
>transmission between boar and deer in their wild life, and that both animals
>might serve as an infection source for human beings as suggested previously.
>PMID: 15567444 [PubMed - in process]
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