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Qui si parla Campagnolo

Tom Weaver wrote:
> While riding on Cape Cod this weekend, my co-star came up with an
> interesting (to me) question: Why do the front and rear shifters work
> opposite to each other? Further explanation. We both have Ultegra
> integrated shifters. On the right (front), clicking the larger shifter
> moves the chain to a larger ring closer to the frame. On the left
> (rear), clicking the larger lever moves the chain to a larger ring that
> is further from the frame.
> Why don't both larger levers move the chain the same direction?
> Thanks,
> Tom Weaver

They don't the big lever of each moves the chain to a bigger cog or

As for same direction, the 'low normal' or 'backfire plus' MTB rear
ders from shimano do this. Hope this silly idea doesn't come to road