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  1. "LarbGai" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    > **** Another 'Heroic Feat' by the man himself...........
    > Heres the story in his own words...
    > From: Steve Kramer ([email protected])
    >> Subject: Re: Hey Kramer
    >> Newsgroups: rec.scuba
    >> Date: 2001-06-14 05:25:40 PST
    >> "I had a neighbor some years ago who told me not to try to fight the
    >> teenage gangs in my neighborhood who were vandalizing motorcycles and
    >> bicycles if they didn't get paid off. She said it was "too dangerous.
    >> Just ignore it." Well, I couldn't ignore it. I fought them. It took 2
    >> years and a lot of work, because the Japanese style is to pay off
    >> extortionists and bullies so I got no help from the others on the
    >> street. That is not my style. Two years, but eventually they gave up and
    >> left us alone. I don't give up. Ever. Having someone stand up to them
    >> was all it took. Someone who won't tolerate their bull, and calls them
    >> on it...

    > ****Hmmmmmmmmm Too bad he's about to be deported from Chiang Mai, just
    > think
    > what he could do to the crime rate.
    > ;-)

    **Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No............. it's the Kung-Fu Master and
    Martial Arts expert Kombat Kramer!!!

    Fighting teenage gangs, kicking Charles Bronson's ass, beating his wife with
    his tripod.....

    The fighting the teenage gangs and kicking Bronson's ass tales are pure
    Kramer bullshit. Pure bullshit. Like his claims about his photography
    "awards" and his tales of combat in Vietnam. But his tales about thrashing
    his wife... well that I can believe. :-(

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