Re: Any Idiots Left on ARBR?


Curtis L. Russell

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 01:25:29 -0500, "Edward Dolan" <[email protected]>

>There is one other type however for whom I have no respect whatsoever. It is
>the kill-filer who does not know what is going on in the group and yet sees
>fit to comment based on very limited quotations from the posts of others
>whom he has not kill-filed. Curtis Russell falls into this category and I
>hate this type most of all.

Just once, for clarification. I never kill-filed Edward the Delusional
Pissant - I just don't make it a policy to reply to any of his posts
or read much more than the first line or so. It encourages IMO his
pathological tendencies and misguided megalomania. Besides, generally
his posts are of little interest, unless leavened with someone else's
comments. But this comment is to point out once again his ignorance
and rantings, so that no one will make the mistake of taking them
serious even the first time.

Now, back to sensible mode, which is to ignore EDP.

Curtis L. Russell
Odenton, MD (USA)
Just someone on two wheels...