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    > About 8 years ago I put on about 30 lbs, and ended up with type 2
    > diabetes. My blood pressure went well over normal, - up to 145/110 at
    > worst - and my doctor pulled me up sharp about the deteriorating state
    > of my health. My cycling had previously reduced considerably because of
    > work commitments.
    > He started me on medication for the blood pressure and diabetes, and a
    > strict diet regime. This began to bring down the weight and blood
    > pressure. But I wasn't satisfied, and since exercise is a compulsory
    > part of diabetes treatment, chose to get my cycling back up to a higher
    > level.
    > The resulting improvement was equal to one and a half times the effect
    > of the medication. The doctor was able to halve the medication, and the
    > improvement kept on coming.
    > Now, I have brought myself down to a BMI of 24.5, my cycling is easier,
    > and my health much improved. Last year the practice nurse said "you are
    > theoretically impossible. At my last seminar we were told that we would
    > never get a diabetic's blood pressure below 130/80, but you are
    > averaging 125/70". Blood sugar is under control (annual average now
    > 5.9), and a 50-60 mile ride is within my capacity. My "physical age" is
    > now 5 years below my chronological age.
    > So, I would say keep up the cycling, it will do you nothing but good.
    > And how different riding through delightful scenery in the fresh open
    > air is from sitting, sweating away, on an exercise machine, staring at
    > a boring blank gym wall for hour after hour.

    Diabetes is a major health complication which I will not address, but let me
    say that willarch does not know what high blood pressure is. Before I went
    on medication, my BP was 240/120 and I had a resting heart rate of 120. Yet
    I was an avid cyclist, not overweight at all and of a cheerful disposition.

    No, cycling won't hurt you, but it may not help you as much as you think it
    will either. The most important thing is to get on medication if you need to
    be. All the cycling in the world won't save you if you neglect your


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