Re: any tips for buying a used bike?


Pete Biggs

jas0n wrote:
> Im bidding on a used bike on ebay, wont mention which one as dont want
> anyone else to nab it!
> Its close enough for me to collect if I get it ... other than getting
> on it and riding it around to make sure things work and the frame isnt
> cracked are there any other tips for checking it out as providing it
> is as described im obliged to pay for it even if it doesnt fit which
> it should do as ive checked the frame size, etc.

Try to raise seatpost and stem (if quill type) to check they're not
seized -- a common and serious problem with second-hand bikes.

Ride no-hands to test forks (worth doing for steel forks which may be

There's the obvious things like spinning the wheels and testing the brakes
but I guess you'd naturally do that anyway. Headset as well (rock bike
back and orth with front brake on, if non-suspension fork, and check
steering is not too notchy). That's about all that's practical, really,
then hope for the best.