Re: Armstong To Pound


Tom Kunich

Brian, why don't you open the June cycle Sport and see what advice Moreno
Argentin has. Perhaps, just perhaps, he has a better perspective on the
matter than some clown that belongs to the Bar Association in the USA.

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> > >It's more of the tired and worn "I never tested positive," "We're the

> most
> > >tested Sport/race in the world," "We've cleaned the sport up" mantra.
> > >Earth to Krispy, the sport has a problem. Give Bassons or Willie a

> > >some time.

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> > Brian, It's still innocent until proven guilty as far as I know about

> here.
> > Lance probably is the most tested athlete in the world. What I got from

> Pound's
> > statement was that all procyclist are doping, we just haven't caught

> yet.
> > I have a problem with that attitude.
> > Bill C

> What Pound was noting was the fact that drugs are being used in the TdF.
> That and the political war that is being waged by Hein to be able to blunt
> sanctions required by WADA; sanctions which are intended to be consistent
> throughout all countries and all sports.
> As to drugs in the TdF, Pound's statement is accurate. One rider in the
> 2003 Tour tested positive for EPO. We know from blood profiles and
> statements of riders that blood boosting was being practiced during the
> Tour. In response to this the UCI has announced that it will be using an
> Aussie developed test to detect the more traditional form of blood

> Add to that the recent Cofidis disclosures (notes in Pound's reply to
> Armstrong) and you can see that cycling does have a problem.
> After all that has happened in cycling regarding drugs since 1998,
> Armstrong's own equivocations over the Actovegin issue ("Actiosomething")
> and his lambasting of Bassons, I would have to agree with Pound that Mr.
> Armstrong is acting quite disingenuously in sending off his letter.
> As to Krispy, I think the man protests too much. From a pr standpoint it
> tends to me him, and the riders, look like they have something to hide.
> Btw, do you think Krispy contacted all the other pro riders before

> to speak for them? Somehow, I doubt that he did.