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>>> > > Just a parting remark in calling this thread dead. You said ... I
>>> > don't want to be bothered with facts. I am here for opinion only. I
>>> > am all about opinion and nothing else. I don't give a good god damn
>>> > what anyone else thinks about anything. It follows that this
>>> > effectively curtains any possibility of dialogue because facts don't
>>> > interest you, other's opinions don't interest you and even what people
>>> > think about you or your opinions. That begs the question. Then why
>>> > do you continue to solicit anyone's opinion other than to prolong a
>>> > thread with your vacuous gibberish? You also once said ... Jim
>>> > McNamara of this newsgroup can help you with your logical thinking as
>>> > he is an expert on the subject. Well there is no helping anyone who
>>> > is so unwilling to be helped and is as stubbornly thick headed as are
>>> > you, so let the monologue begin (soliloquy for deaf ears) .
>>> Me? Solicit others' opinions? That idea has never occurred to me in my
>>> entire life!

>> Two letters come to mind her ... B & S. In this thread alone, there
>> are many examples you badgering me for my wife' opinion and that
>> qualifies for solicitation of opinion no matter what kind of spin you
>> try to put on it. If you are going to lie to me and the readership
>> (not uncommon by the way), at least use some imagination and make it
>> believable. Don't insult our intelligence by pissing over our
>> shoulders and try to convince us it's raining.

> Hells Bells, I don't care what your wife thinks about anything under the
> sun just as I don't care what you think about anything under the sun. I
> was just trying to determine if she is as crazy as you are. If you have
> been married for more than 2 minutes, I suspect she is, although mistakes
> can be made in that department of life.

The issue is people trying to stay busy creating issues where there are
none. Trying to look smart. I am sure someone will get a great big bonus
check for an award for writing this non -thing.


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> Marika is a female and so knows all about trivialities and creating issues
> where none exist. Hells Bells, that is what females were put on earth to
> do. And some males are dumb enough to fall for it. But Marika is a tease
> and she will never put out. Don't we all just know the type!

Ed You have never yet tried jewelry with me

heart pendants can be cheap, especially if the diamonds are the size of dust


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marika wrote:
> [...]
> heart pendants can be cheap, especially if the diamonds are the size of
> dust specks.[...]

If you want dust speck size diamonds, I have an old masonry saw blade
lying around.

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