Re: Atkins bars. The horror.

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Roger Zoul, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Not all of them are gross. The ones that say "Endulge" on the package
    should definitely be avoided. The ones you had are acceptable to eat.

    Perdu <[email protected]> wrote:
    > I said before and say it again, that I don't have much of a sweet
    > tooth. I had proven it again.
    > Just hanging out of all places - Wal Mart to pick up some mixing
    > bowls, I had happened upon the Atkins Bar section.
    > So I said.. hey.. I've never tried one. Maybe its a good thing to
    > have to have a bite, when you forgot to eat, and need a quick mouth
    > pleaser. What can happen?
    > GROSS! I had paid $2.00 with tax for these 3 bites' worth of absolute
    > horror. It was the chocolate cocoanut bar. It tasted as if someone
    > took raw flour, mixed it with ten pounds of splenda and made a super
    > sweet horrifying mess. I had barely kept it down.
    > Now tell me - is it just me? Or is this stuff made of nightmares? Do
    > people buy and eat this crap?
    > I enjoy the weight loss and the incredible benefits I'm getting out
    > of the system, but I'd never buy any of their crap again, for sure.
    > What's the heads up on this?