Re: Attention Cyclists


Mike Jacoubowsky

If you're going to spam, at least have the decency to include all the
relevant groups in one header (as in
ba.bicycles;rec.bicycles.misc;; by
the way, you missed rec.bicycles.rides) so any responses go to all groups at
the same time. Much cleaner that way, and keeps those of us trying to find
useful info on the 'net happier because the message shows as having already
been read.

Besides, you left out your most-interesting and potentially-profitable
endeavor![email protected]&rnum=18&hl=en#df6ea2c7e62c331f

There are good reasons these newsgroups are supposed to be limited to their
relevant topics. rec.bicycles.marketplace exists for good reason.

--Mike Jacoubowsky
Chain Reaction Bicycles
Redwood City & Los Altos, CA USA

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