Re: "Auxiliary" brake levers

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Dave Thompson, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. HP wrote:
    > I was in a LBS today buying some parts, and had the chance to browse
    > through the bike section. This shop carries mainly Specialized Allez
    > for their road bikes. On many of them, including the "high-end"
    > models, the bikes have these funky auxiliary brake levers that
    > attached close to the stem, inline with the levers on the drops. It
    > looks really odd on a road bike, and reminds me of the brake
    > extension levers on cheap 80's bikes. I am a little surprised to see
    > it on even the high-end models. Am curious if these levers are
    > actual part of the gruppo, or something that's added on for those who
    > preferred riding on the tops.
    > HP

    I believe the top-mount brake levers are a standard feature on some models
    of the Specialized and Trek lines. There may be other brands that have them

    While I don't have them, my wife does on her road bike and she thinks very
    highly of top-mounted brakes. She rides on the tops of the bars mostly and
    the brake location makes it very easy to reach the brakes when needed.
    Top-mounted brakes are not at all like the 'old' aux brakes that you
    mentioned. With the new style there is no difference in the braking effort
    between the top-mounts and standard levers, plus there is none of the loose
    'slop' like the old style levers.

    Funky to some, practical to others.