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    >I just put a pound of white beans (soaked overnight) and hocks into the
    > crock pot. Already smells good. I did a saute' of onions and small dice of
    > carrot and added it to the pot. I've done this in a traditional stock pot
    > too but for this, the crock pot is better. I think some jalapeno corn
    > bread
    > will do nicely. My crock pot is huge so tell me what else to add. I did
    > not
    > add much Kosher salt because the hocks have plenty. I threw in a couple of
    > Bay leaves and cracked pepper. The weather is crappy and I wanted comfort
    > food. Besides, I'm freezing cold.
    > Michael

    Stop right there - that's just about all you need.

    For a large crock-pot 2 Tablespoons of vinegar (rice or white wine would be
    good) that's it. Ok a little celery just to round out the mirepoix.